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It’s 2020 and you still are drawing lines? It’s time to change that with our advanced system of trading tools for Tradingview.

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Noisy charts and human error put traders at a disadvantage. You need a system that removes the noise from your charts and encourages you to enter and exit trades without making impulsive decisions.

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Many Online Gurus and Other Trend Indicators are spreading false information that can be very convincing. To be consistantly profitable in the markets you need a proper source for knowledge as well as a working strategy. We aim to give you that transparency.

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We don’t only offer an Algorithm, we teach people how to trade. We also provide courses to help top traders. There is nothing else like this.


What Is Agora?

Agora Algo is an Algorithmic Trading System that aims to automate technical analysis and provide Real-Time buy and sell signals. We have big goals and are aiming to make Agora a 1-Stop Shop for everything.


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We offer it all and can confidently say we have the best algorithmic trading tools on the market. We are so confident we offer a Free Trial to our all-inclusive service.


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For only 59$/month, you get access to Agora Trading Algorithm, Alerts for all of the Markets, Premium Education via Discord, and before you pay, a Free Trial to see if this is for you.


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Get notifications for thousands of important Buy & Sell signals 24/7 across every major market with our automated market scanners.

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I've recently just started using "Agora" and i can 100% say it's one of the best and most simple ways to invest your money.


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Made over $16 on a 3 day trial using penny lot sizes.


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